Useful Resources for the Liberal Christian Mom

On the right side of my page you see links to other blogs on “Christian Perspectives” and “Parenting Perspectives.” I have scoured the internet searching for internet resources for those of us who are both Christian and Liberal in terms of politics and perspectives on society. Continue reading “Useful Resources for the Liberal Christian Mom”

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

Maybe Heaven for cats is an eternal nap in a cozy spot.
Maybe Heaven for cats is an eternal nap                  in a cozy spot.

My sweet cat has reached the end of her life. I found myself having to explain everything to my children. I just wanted to curl up and cry, but Moms don’t have such luxuries. I have to think first of how to help my children cope. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet”

Kids Who Can’t Have Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday cake blessings.
Birthday cake blessings.

I think it is time for me to get opinionated in my blog. Eventually I am going to defend homosexual marriages and the legal rights of women to have an abortion. I have no shortage of opinions to express on controversial topics. Today I want to blog about an issue that comes up in my work-place frequently: Kids who can’t have birthday cupcakes.

As a teacher and a Liberal Christian I really struggle with a religion that does not allow children to celebrate holidays. In my previous post I talked about how special Christmas traditions are to me. Most teachers give out treats to children on their birthday but teachers have been told not to give children of Jehovah’s Witnesses treats on their birthday. Continue reading “Kids Who Can’t Have Birthday Cupcakes”

Oh What a Blessing to be Naive


Christmas is not a happy sappy experience for everyone. When I was a kid all I knew was food, toys, fun, family gatherings and candle-lit services. I loved Christmas time so much that I persuaded Obadiah to add our wedding to the holiday season. I am grateful to my parents, Obadiah and the rest of my family for keeping the magic real for me. I was so naïve and I miss being that way. Continue reading “Oh What a Blessing to be Naive”

Couldn’t We Just Move Into a Trailer Park so I Can Home-School?

If only I could home-school my children, I thought. If only I didn’t have to work. I have wondered if it is a sin for me to work for money to keep this beautiful house and maintain a certain standard of living.

Image by Pixabay
Image by Pixabay

I wondered, Shouldn’t we let go of our material possessions to put Christ first in our lives?  My husband, Obadiah, challenged my musings. “Are you saying it is a sin for mothers to work? Do all women have to stay home with their children? Is home-schooling the only acceptable way to educate a child?” We questioned the decisions we had made about our budget, home and lifestyle. We analyzed everything! I tried to imagine for us a radically different life. I prayed to God repeatedly asking Should we sell our home? Should I home-school? Should I be a stay-at-home-mom? I felt an answer in my soul. Continue reading “Couldn’t We Just Move Into a Trailer Park so I Can Home-School?”