Why Agnes?

Agnes of Rome was a brave kid. She was a Christian and stuck to her beliefs even when brought to trial and threatened with the wrath of the Roman government. I am drawn to her as a symbol because she was a Christian rebel. She refused to marry, so a man turned her name in to the Roman government as a Christian and she was put to death. (In the year 304 it was a crime to be Christian in Rome.)

Many times Agnes of Rome has been lifted up for her virginial purity and commitment to being a bride of Christ. To me, what really stands out about Agnes is that she would not give in to the pressure of the society around her. She was out there on her own: naked and exposed, calmly insisting on being a Christian no matter what the society and government tried to press upon her. I aspire to be such a brave rebel, and I raise my children with the courage and commitment of the young Agnes.

(My information on Agnes or Rome comes from Wikipedia and https://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=106)