Why Agnes Raises

Don’t I just look like an Agnes?

Agnes of Rome was a really brave kid. She was a Christian and stuck to her beliefs even when brought to trial and threatened with the wrath of the Roman government. I like that image of the Christian rebel. I am not a history expert, but I think her ‘crime’ was that she refused to marry a non-Christian. Sure she was ‘pure,’ and I must respect a kid who won’t give in when pressured to have sex. But what I really love about Agnes is that she would not give in to the pressure of the society around her. She was out there on her own: naked and exposed, calmly insisting on being a Christian no matter what her society and government tried to press upon her. I aspire to be Agnes in the brave-rebel department and I raise my children with that spirit. This blog is about how I raise my children with the spirit of Agnes.