I am a Liberal Christian, a working mother and a Protestant. Fear Not! I will not destroy the moral foundation of America. My aim is to raise my children to live Christ-centered lives. We are front-line Christians. Not only do we live among a diverse people, but we work, learn and socialize with them. Sometimes we worship with them. And we have even lived with people from different religions in our home. Yet we hang tight to our faith. It is not my intention to teach my children that anything goes. I want them to be Christian and I will do my best to ensure they make that choice. But, I must let them choose Jesus of their own accord.

So how do I teach my children to live Christian lives very different from their friends and neighbors? I haven’t got it all figured out, but I am working my way through it. With this blog I am thinking through some of the challenging aspects of Christian parenting in a post-Christian era. I also hope I have some ideas I can share with other parents.

You will notice that I did not blog very much in the past two years. I had to give some thoughts about what is important to me. I explored different churches and spent time talking with people. I didn’t want my blogging to deteriorate into posts about nothing for the sake of posting. No, I will only write when I believe the words are worth the ink.

I know there are many websites about being a political liberal, and many about raising children. However, Christian websites on raising children, at least the ones I have found, promote a more conservative view point. It is my hope that this website will be a place for parents to come for ideas on raising children as Christians in a liberal household.