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Enjoy Life While You Can

Am I wrong for taking my children out when they could catch Covid?

When I was a kid I learned about germs and I was terrified. These invisible things are everywhere. They can get in your body through your nose and mouth. Sometimes they make you feel lousy and sometimes they kill you. So, you have to be very clean. Always wash your hands and never cough too close to anyone. My Dad found me hiding in my room, worrying that I would be like Typhoid Mary, whom I learned had killed a bunch of people by spreading her germs. I thought if I was very good I could save myself and everyone else, but the monumental task overwhelmed me. I couldn’t leave my room.

Dad explained to me, “No matter how good we are, people still get sick and die. That’s just how the world is. It sucks, but all we can do is enjoy our lives while we can.” Despite his passionate lecture (which was a lot longer and full of more colorful quotes than I have captured here) I wasn’t convinced so he licked his dirty hands! Then he said something like, “Now, I’m gonna go eat and watch tv and enjoy myself. And if I die then at least I will have had a good time first. Even Jesus said your time on Earth is short, so enjoy it while you can. You can’t live your life in fear, hiding in your room.”

I took my kids to a concert on Wednesday. They had the best time, but now my daughter is miserable with a fever. I started to flagellate myself for taking the kids to a crowded place – and without masks! But then I remembered my Dad’s wisdom. I gave her some ibuprofen. She is enjoying her rest time and she will never regret going to that concert.