Useful Resources for the Liberal Christian Mom

On the right side of my page you see links to other blogs on “Christian Perspectives” and “Parenting Perspectives.” I have scoured the internet searching for internet resources for those of us who are both Christian and Liberal in terms of politics and perspectives on society. I have been told so many times that it is not possible to be Christian and Liberal that I really appreciate this article on The Christian Left. This article from The Gay Christian Network does a great job making a biblical argument justifying same-sex marriages. David Schell’s blog brings the reality of Liberal Christian perspectives to life. (He describes himself as semi-progressive. Don’t want to label him incorrectly.)

I love these links about parenting. On Facebook I found an active community, mostly of Moms, who are “Raising Children Unfundamentalist.” Sounds like an awesome idea. After finding this group, I found the other blogs and resources linked here. I tried several times to write a summary or review of these links, but I have given up. I could not do the authors justice with my simple summaries. Besides, I haven’t read every word of every one of these links. I cannot say that I completely agree with everything they write. I can only say they are very worth reading and exploring for yourself.

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