Dear Friends, I Am Sorry If I Have Let You Down

I am sorry for being myself.
I am sorry for being myself.

I never want to let anyone down. Like a dog who piddled on the floor, I regret disappointing my people but cannot help being myself. I have friends from all walks of life. It has been a privilege to collect friends. I still remember when I was a goofy kid and felt friendless. So I am very grateful for all my friends. I have friends from my current and former jobs, church, college, childhood, the neighborhood, my children’s activities, and people my husband introduced me to. Have I left anyone out? I used to think that friends were supposed to be like-minded. When I discovered that friends should be diverse a whole world of possibilities and fun opened up to me. Now, when I say I am like a dog who piddled on the floor, that does not mean I equate liberals with dogs. But I do equate myself with a Labrador because I know the dog’s desire to please her people. And like the loyal lab, I cannot pretend to be something else no matter how hard I try.

So dear friends, if you put up with me, you are probably accepting and tolerant of people with differing opinions. You certainly do not equate liberalism with dog pee. For you I am grateful. And if you have taken the time to read my blog, for that I am also grateful.