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Oh What a Blessing to be Naive


Christmas is not a happy sappy experience for everyone. When I was a kid all I knew was food, toys, fun, family gatherings and candle-lit services. I loved Christmas time so much that I persuaded Obadiah to add our wedding to the holiday season. I am grateful to my parents, Obadiah and the rest of my family for keeping the magic real for me. I was so naïve and I miss being that way. I had no idea that all the happy, fun, family indulgencies make others so keenly aware of their misery. Some of the children I have taught are surly, angry and disruptive for Advent. If I told you some of the things I have seen children endure when America winds up for Christmas you would be ill. Instead I will simply assure you that a little emotional outburst is excusable for some children at this time of year. I can’t understand why the world is full of suffering, but I accept that this is God’s creation. My goal for my own children is that they know Christmas the way I did. I am grateful that I can give my children this joy because I know it isn’t possible for everyone to give their children this gift. But it is my goal that my children will be introduced to the love of God and all that is good and beautiful in this world through the magic of the Christmas season. Later they will be introduced to the harsh realities of God’s creation. I hope that a solid foundation in love will make them better able to cope with what comes later. On the other hand, I don’t want to spoil my children. They are getting old enough to think about others and do more for others. I have a friend who is teaching her children to celebrate Christmas the way Christ would. Serving food at the shelter seems really easy compared to what they do. The things they do for others is huge. I would love to say that we run around to the woods and deliver care packages to the homeless. Well, maybe next year…