Political Matters

Modeling Grace

Let’s model grace and forgiveness for our children. Sure, us liberals do not like Trump. Today, as the country transitions to new leadership we are pleased. Now, if Jesus had a Facebook page would he post mean-spirited memes of Trump getting a boot in the butt? Would he laugh at someone’s well-deserved humiliation? Nope.

I’m not recommending we forget. Never forget the capability of someone in power to act for evil or good. He still needs an Impeachment trial. Letting him have a go at the country in 2024 would not be wise or reasonable. But our children are watching us. They should see us bid the man farewell, dust his dirt off our aprons, and get back to our own business. We have real work to do: raising our children with hearts of gold, furthering the cause of the poor and oppressed, and centering on God’s will.