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Modeling Grace

Let’s model grace and forgiveness for our children. Sure, us liberals do not like Trump. Today, as the country transitions to new leadership we are pleased. Now, if Jesus had a Facebook page would he post mean-spirited memes of Trump getting a boot in the butt? Would he laugh at someone’s well-deserved humiliation? Nope.

I’m not recommending we forget. Never forget the capability of someone in power to act for evil or good. He still needs an Impeachment trial. Letting him have a go at the country in 2024 would not be wise or reasonable. But our children are watching us. They should see us bid the man farewell, dust his dirt off our aprons, and get back to our own business. We have real work to do: raising our children with hearts of gold, furthering the cause of the poor and oppressed, and centering on God’s will.

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My First Retraction

Oh dread! It seems I have to issue my first retraction. Hopefully this is my only one. Keeping things in perspective, bloggers and other writers often do have to retract their words. Since I have chosen to blog about religion, politics and parenting my words are bound to ignite fires at times.

The words I wish to take back are: “Most homeschooling parents worry that their kids will go to school to pick up bad habits and join forces with a criminal element. I’m just afraid they’ll become Republicans.” This was hyperbole and relevant to the article I had written. In the article I explained that I was glad to teach government in a homeschool environment since I was able to influence the subtle biases and misleading student remarks that may taint the public school course.

However, the first problem with my statement is my children have friends who are from Republican homes. We also have loved relatives who are Republican. Treating the average Republican like a criminal element and a poor influence is an unhealthy attitude. America has become polarized in an incendiary way – to the point that some talk of Civil War. I do not want to encourage polarizing, nor rejecting my friends and family.

The second problem with this statement is that I would like my children to have the chance to think for themselves. Ultimately, like most parents, I selfishly want them to be like me. But, I believe in freedom of choice and free will. They deserve the chance to think for themselves. That’s why they will return to school when the pandemic is over and their friendships will be supported.

Some day my kids will bring home their significant others and it will be like Cover of movie

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Liberal Christians Are Not Exempt From Being Kind

Christians are supposed to be kind to others. Everyone! I teach my children what I believe. I want them to believe: It is OK to put your foot down when someone tries to take advantage of you. Still, treat everyone with dignity and respect. This is the art of diplomacy. I don’t expect my children to be masterful, but I do insist they practice it.