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My First Retraction

Oh dread! It seems I have to issue my first retraction. Hopefully this is my only one. Keeping things in perspective, bloggers and other writers often do have to retract their words. Since I have chosen to blog about religion, politics and parenting my words are bound to ignite fires at times.

The words I wish to take back are: “Most homeschooling parents worry that their kids will go to school to pick up bad habits and join forces with a criminal element. I’m just afraid they’ll become Republicans.” This was hyperbole and relevant to the article I had written. In the article I explained that I was glad to teach government in a homeschool environment since I was able to influence the subtle biases and misleading student remarks that may taint the public school course.

However, the first problem with my statement is my children have friends who are from Republican homes. We also have loved relatives who are Republican. Treating the average Republican like a criminal element and a poor influence is an unhealthy attitude. America has become polarized in an incendiary way – to the point that some talk of Civil War. I do not want to encourage polarizing, nor rejecting my friends and family.

The second problem with this statement is that I would like my children to have the chance to think for themselves. Ultimately, like most parents, I selfishly want them to be like me. But, I believe in freedom of choice and free will. They deserve the chance to think for themselves. That’s why they will return to school when the pandemic is over and their friendships will be supported.

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Political Matters Teaching and Homeschooling

Do I Really Have to Teach Government Now?

Here is how a home school mom teaches government. My children had been in public school until quarantine began. Since we were homeschooling for the first time in middle school, and we will probably return to public school when the pandemic ends, we decided to just follow the state curriculum.

Home and Recreation Teaching and Homeschooling

Couldn’t We Just Move Into a Trailer Park So I Can Home-School?

If only I could home-school my children, I thought. If only I didn’t have to work. I have wondered if it is a sin for me to work for money to keep this beautiful house and maintain a certain standard of living.

Image by Pixabay
Image by Pixabay

I wondered, Shouldn’t we let go of our material possessions to put Christ first in our lives?  My husband, Obadiah, challenged my musings. “Are you saying it is a sin for mothers to work? Do all women have to stay home with their children? Is home-schooling the only acceptable way to educate a child?” We questioned the decisions we had made about our budget, home and lifestyle. We analyzed everything! I tried to imagine for us a radically different life. I prayed to God repeatedly asking Should we sell our home? Should I home-school? Should I be a stay-at-home-mom? I felt an answer in my soul.

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What Does It Mean To Be Liberal and Christian?

There are as many ways to be Christian as there are people in the world. I do not believe that there is only one path to Salvation.