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What Does It Mean To Be Liberal and Christian?

There are as many ways to be Christian as there are people in the world. I do not believe that there is only one path to Salvation. I just can’t believe that only the Amish or only the Jehovah’s Witnesses, for examples, get into heaven. I think that heaven will include Methodists like my family, and Presbyterians, Catholics and Baptists. People who joined these churches have claimed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I even think that Christians who haven’t joined or attended a church will be included in heaven. I want to be clear that I am not putting this blog out there as a way to say “this ye shall do to enter the kingdom.”

This is what I do because I feel that this is how God has called me to be Christian. My family attends a Methodist church almost every Sunday. (But I don’t agree with all Methodist policies.) We say prayers at dinner and when big things happen. We read the Bible a couple nights a week. About once a month we do something to grow our faith and teach our children. Obadiah and I talk with our children, and privately to ourselves, about making choices that will please God.

Regarding being Liberals, it means Obadiah and I believe the government should take care of the hungry, sick, oppressed and elderly. We do not believe same-gender marriage is a sin. We do not believe being transgender is a sin. In fact, we don’t spend much time talking about sin, salvation or damnation with our children. We do not think it is wrong to use birth control. We even vote for political candidates who support a woman’s right to an abortion. Before you think I am so liberal you just cannot relate to me, let me be clear that I am sure my Lord would not bless me if I had gay sex or aborted my own healthy fetus. Those acts are not part of the plan God has for me.

I do not know God’s plans for others, but who am I to say what God has planned for them?

I also believe that each of us has direct access to God through the Holy Spirit. We can pray and listen for an answer. We must read the Bible, but I do not believe that every word must be obeyed like the big book of laws. Critical analysis is important. (I am a reading specialist. I noticed that not everyone is talented at that.) Historical context and translation errors must be considered. Basically, I am a Christian with a well thought out Liberal belief system. My husband Obadiah and I raise our young children in this context.